Welcome to Free IPTV Project

We are trying to build and maintain a database of free IPTV links from the Internet, complete with the program guide (EPG).

Our service will provide an interface between various internet sources and Kodi (former XBMC)

All you need to view your favorite TV stations is a multimedia system running Kodi and PVR IPTV Simple Client installed.

Installation it’s very easy, and you can watch TV on your PC or Android tablet, or you can set-up a Multimedia system and enjoy viewing on your flat screen TV.

We will post some tutorials on how to achieve those things too as soon as possible, but until then visit our INSTALL page for instructions on how to configure “PVR ITPV Simple Client” addon for Kodi.

You can find a list with the available TV stations on THIS page. The list it’s dynamically generated and should be up to date.